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During these uncertain and challenging times, we have made an effort to communicate our thoughts on the markets and client portfolios, as well as providing operational updates about the firm to all of our clients on a regular basis. We have also made a donation to a charitable campaign to get more personal protective equipment (PPE) in the hands of our frontline healthcare workers in Canada.

Below you’ll find all of the client communications we’ve released during the crisis, more details on the charitable campaign we’ve decided to support in our community, and a communication released by the Chief Investment Officers of the Wigmore Association, a group of eight family offices across four continents which we co-founded.

I hope everyone is staying safe and separated during this time.

Tom McCullough
Chairman and CEO
Northwood Family Office

Northwood’s COVID-19 Related Charitable Donation

As part of our efforts to help our community fight the COVID-19 outbreak, Northwood has decided to work with the Robert Kerr Foundation to get more PPE in the hands of frontline healthcare workers. The Kerr Foundation has been a Northwood client for several years, and they recently made a $100,000 donation to the Knix PPE Campaign for Frontline Healthcare Workers. Beyond their initial donation, the Kerr Foundation has pledged to match an additional $100,000 in donations. For every additional dollar raised by the Knix PPE Campaign, the Kerr Foundation will donate a dollar towards homeless shelters and drop-ins across the GTA.

After hearing about this initiative from the Kerr Foundation, Northwood decided to make a donation to the Knix PPE Campaign. Further information on Knix’s Campaign and their recent partnership with the Robert Kerr Foundation, as well as Northwood’s contribution to their efforts may be found here:

The Wigmore Association’s Response to COVID-19

As many of you know, Northwood is a founding member of the Wigmore Association. Created in 2011, Wigmore is a global association of independent family offices dedicated to collaboration and sharing ideas and intelligence. The purpose of the Wigmore Association is “to work together globally to help our client families thrive.”

In April, the Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) of the Wigmore Association released a joint commentary on the recent events that have impacted global markets. A link to that piece on the Wigmore website is provided below:

Wigmore Chief Investment Officer Update: April 2020

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