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At Northwood, we believe that the finest plans in the world aren’t worth the paper they are printed on unless they are successfully implemented. We focus much of our time and attention on this responsibility on behalf of our clients. Examples of the implementation work we do for families
are listed below.

Ongoing Management

This includes ongoing advice and counsel, quarterly client meetings and annual reviews.

Advisor Coordination

We ensure that all of the family’s personal advisors are kept informed, engaged and in tune with the family’s overall plan.

Consolidated Reporting

Reporting is customized to each family and delivered on a quarterly basis.

Administrative Services

Our administrative services very much depend on the unique needs of each family, but can include the following:

  • Expense review
  • Cashflow management
  • Tax instalment coordination
  • Registered plan contribution coordination
  • Foundation and philanthropy administration
  • Bill paying and banking
  • Insurance renewals

Lifestyle Services

This category covers a wide range of services that can include assistance with purchase/construction of a second home, health care support, referrals to health care services for the elderly, or assistance with immigration and cross-border issues.

Referral Services

Northwood can help a family find an expert to assist them in a number of areas, from tax advisors, lawyers and other specialists that a family might need to access.

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