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The Northwood Perspective

Looking back to the Fall 2012 issue of The Northwood Perspective, a newsletter geared toward the interests of our clients, friends and colleagues.

Articles in this issue:

Chairman’s Message: Northwood Hosts Wigmore

As some of you may know, we are part of an international association of family offices called the Wigmore Association…

Control what you can control and conservatively estimate the rest

Investors face a world full of unknowns which can play havoc with our plans and aspirations. Investment returns are unknown, future trends in inflation are uncertain, correlation among asset classes is a moving target, and the level of market volatility is, well, volatile…

A German perspective on the European Crisis, the ECB, Merkel, and “The Greeks”

Considering the importance of the European situation, Rick Pitcairn (CIO of Pitcairn) reached out to Dr. Fritz Becker and Martin Friedrich, colleagues from the Wigmore Association, to get their insider perspective…

Start with your family’s goals… But what are they?

So how do you determine what the goals of your family are? Many families have trouble articulating or narrowing down their goals…

IRS offers amnesty to non-resident US taxpayers

Since our Q&A with Carol Fitzsimmons on US citizens living abroad in our Summer 2012 newsletter (Issues Facing US Citizens Resident in Canada), the IRS announced a new streamlined filing compliance process for non-resident, non-filing US taxpayers…

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Tom McCullough

Tom McCullough is Chairman and CEO of Northwood Family Office, which looks after the investments and integrated financial affairs of wealthy families with $10 million or more. He teaches ‘The Management of Private Wealth’ in the MBA program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and is also co-author of the books, Family Wealth Management and Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask.

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