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The Northwood Perspective

Looking back to the Spring 2014 issue of The Northwood Perspective, a newsletter geared toward the interests of our clients, friends and colleagues.

Articles in this issue:

Chairman’s Message: Busy and Fruitful

This has been one of the busiest periods for Northwood Family Office in a long time…

Three Strategies to Safeguard Client Equity Portfolios

In the last edition of the Northwood Perspective we highlighted concerns that the world’s equity markets are getting stretched…

Shaping of the Next Generation of Wealth and Generosity

Earlier this spring, Northwood’s Tom McCullough participated in a series of roundtable discussions across Canada on the shaping of the next generation of wealth and generosity…

Weighing the Benefits of Spousal RRSPs

If you are considering contributions for 2014 and you haven’t evaluated the benefits of a spousal registered retirement savings plan before, now might be the time…

Federal Budget Update

On February 11th, the government tabled the Federal budget for 2014. The budget continues along the same trend as prior years in closing down some ‘loopholes’ to help generate revenue for the government…

Words of Wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha

In 1965 Warren Buffett began drafting his annual letter to shareholders. It has now become an icon within the industry and the letters (dating back to 1977) are publicly available on the Berkshire Hathaway website…

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Tom McCullough

Tom McCullough is Chairman and CEO of Northwood Family Office, which looks after the investments and integrated financial affairs of wealthy families with $10 million or more. He teaches ‘The Management of Private Wealth’ in the MBA program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and is also co-author of the books, Family Wealth Management and Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask.

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