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Recommended Reading List

Family Office Exchange

A great list of recommended readings from Family Office Exchange on raising responsible owners, financial literacy and philanthropy.
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There are many written and online resources for adults about personal finance. However, most of these resources are not very useful for parents who want to lay the foundation for good financial literacy with their children from the beginning. Here are some good-quality articles, books, websites, and professionals available to help guide parents and advisors in the area of financial literacy education. Use these as a basis for beginning a good financial education program in your family.
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Motivating and Helping the Overspending Client: A Stages-of-Change Model

Dr. James Grubman, Kathleen Bollerud, Cheryl Holland

The overspending client is one of the greatest challenges for financial planners. Poor budgeting, impulsive or addictive spending (regardless of affluence level), and the debt these habits can cause often result in a request for financial planning help. Most advisors take the rational, common sense approach of showing financial projections designed to heighten clients’ awareness and lead to fiscal restraint. When clients are simply not ready to hear about what will happen if they keep overspending, your best warnings will fall on deaf ears.
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Great Families Program

Independent Means Inc.

Financial education specialist Independent Means Inc. offers the Great Families Program, a unique family education curriculum around the ten basic money skills, uniquely tailored for each age group from children to young adults. It is worth a read for anyone who is thinking about family financial literacy.
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Purposeful Travel

John Morris, Dr. Richard Orlando, Hannah Shaw Grove

Purposeful travel is travel with an intended useful purpose, or with the goal of strengthening the family and its legacy. A family can use travel to address the challenge of successfully transferring its values – along with the family’s wealth – to subsequent generations.
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The Stories That Bind Us

Bruce Feiler (New York Times)

Studies indicate that children learn resilience when they hear what their relatives before them have faced.” If you want a happier family, create, refine, and retell the story of your family’s positive moments and your family’s ability to bounce back from the difficult ones.
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“The world is shrinking” has long been a catch phrase to describe how accessible the world has become; however it should also remind us of the proximity to danger. For anyone whose business and pleasure activities take them across the globe, that means leaving nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring their safety. Affluent clients who travel for business or pleasure need to think through everything from managing petty theft and lost passports, to kidnapping, to accessing emergency medical care in a remote location. This white paper covers the importance of proper planning and understanding the basics of personal safety when in an unfamiliar environment. It includes a checklist of common sense safety tips to reduce the primary risk of being the victim of a crime while traveling in a foreign country.
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Developing a Family Education Curriculum

Christian Stewart (Family Legacy Asia)

Families set up FOs to help preserve family wealth. It is common to refer to “family wealth” as going beyond the financial and social capital of the family to also include family human capital and intellectual capital. Just like there will be an investment committee and a philanthropy committee, there should be an education committee. The first task for the education committee will be the development of a family education curriculum.
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