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Career paths for the financial advisory profession are looking bright. The number of financial advising jobs is projected to grow by 32 percent for the decade ending in 2020. During 2010-2020, that translates to 66,400 new financial advisory jobs. A new entrant to the financial advisory profession faces a critical decision about which distribution channel to pursue.
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The population explosion is almost over, with fertility below the replacement rate in many advanced countries and rapidly declining in most developed countries. In the next half century, economic growth will be robust, especially in developing countries, and will increase world wealth dramatically. These factors will make it easier, not harder, to preserve the natural environment and avoid shortages. This world of fewer and richer people will be greener.
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Despite thousands of scholarly and practical articles and much earnest effort by researchers, financial product designers, pension plan sponsors, advisers, legislators, regulators, and individual investors – we still have a retirement crisis. Retirees and those saving for retirement continue to struggle with the same challenge: funding lifetime income. How can this be?
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