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Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families AskWe wanted to let all of our regular readers know that Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask is still available for sale on Amazon. The book came out in December 2018, but would make a great Christmas gift for 2019 if you have someone in your life who you think would appreciate it.

The idea behind the book was to compile the 50 most common questions that wealthy families ask, and provides a compendium of knowledge from experts around the globe and across disciplines. For each of the 50 questions, my co-author Keith Whitaker and I sought to find the industry practitioner, academic, or thought leader who was most qualified to answer each specific question.

The book includes sections on Planning Thoughtfully, Investing Wisely, Raising the Rising Generation, Combining Family and Business, Giving Well and Seeking Sound Advice. Across its over 50 chapters, the book includes contributions from significant thought leaders across various facets of wealth management, including Howard Marks, Patricia Angus, Meir Statman, James Grubman, Jean Brunel, Charley Ellis and many more. We believe that this is the first time that wisdom from so many different thinkers in the industry has been compiled into one volume.

As a companion to the book, Keith and I also launched the Wealth of Wisdom podcast. Each podcast episode involves an interview with one of the top global thinkers on family wealth management that contributed an essay to the book. The interviews give the contributors a chance to talk about themselves, their work, and expand upon some of the ideas in their chapters. As of today, we have released over 45 podcast episodes.

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Northwood Family Office

Tom McCullough

Tom McCullough is Chairman and CEO of Northwood Family Office, which looks after the investments and integrated financial affairs of wealthy families with $10 million or more. He teaches ‘The Management of Private Wealth’ in the MBA program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and is also co-author of the books, Family Wealth Management and Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask.

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