Northwood Family Office is an independent, privately-owned boutique family office, which provides comprehensive Net Worth Management™ to wealthy Canadian and global families.

Northwood Family Office treesWhat is a Family Office?

A family office acts as a private CFO to wealthy families, with a dedicated team of professional advisors who oversee clients’ complete financial affairs.
What is a Family Office?
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Northwood Family Office treesDo I need a Family Office?

A family office isn’t for everyone. Typical Northwood clients have family net worth of $10 million or more.

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Northwood Family Office treesThe Northwood Philosophy

Just like a successful business brings together disciplines to work cooperatively, families of substantial wealth must also take a coordinated approach to their affairs.

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Wigmore AssociationWigmore Association

Northwood Family Office is a founding member of the Wigmore Association, an innovative collaboration of leading family offices from around the globe.

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What Clients Are Saying

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Complimentary Consultation

If your family net worth is $10 million or more, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

“The Spencers”

In this video, Northwood CEO Tom McCullough, describes a fictional, but altogether typical family that needs the services of a family office.

In the News

Northwood is once again recognized as Canada’s #1 Family Office in the 2017 Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey
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Why wealthy families lose their fortunes in three generations (The Globe and Mail)
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Northwood Feature Article: Increasing the Odds of Successful Wealth Transition (Investments & Wealth Monitor)
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Family Wealth Management: 7 Imperatives for Successful Investing in the New World OrderAvailable Now

Northwood Family Office CEO, Tom McCullough, has co-authored Family Wealth Management. Get your copy now.

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View the VideosFamily Wealth Management Video Series, featuring the book’s authors

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Family Wealth Management ProgramCourse Details

Introducing a new 3-day intensive Family Wealth Management program taught by Tom McCullough at Rotman – April 6-9, 2017.