Family Wealth Management

Co-authored by Tom McCullough and Mark Daniell
“Finally! A book that puts family investors back in the driver’s seat where they belong. For too many years they have been battered by volatile capital markets, insidious behavioral biases and self-interested financial product providers. This excellent book provides fresh, sensible thinking and a clear forward roadmap for wealthy families. This family-centric approach is very positive and long overdue.”
- Dirk Junge

Introducing a fresh perspective on family wealth management, with insightful solutions to the challenging problems of preserving wealth and investing successfully in turbulent times. This book is the product of a truly international effort, bringing together two co-authors on opposites sides of the world to address a topic of global importance. Mark Daniell (from Europe/ Asia) is a former director of Bain & Company and the chairman of two of the world′s largest family trusts. Tom McCullough (from North America) is the Chairman and CEO of Northwood Family Office and professor of Private Wealth.

Many families are looking for a better way forward than they have experienced in the recent past. Family Wealth Management introduces you to a unique approach that puts families back in the center of the investment process (where they always belonged) and helps them make sound financial decisions consistent with their goals and values. The book introduces you to an important new goal-based approach to family wealth management, along with step–by–step guidelines to putting it to work immediately. It combines the traditional portfolio management practices that are still relevant, the full array of modern investment vehicles, and some innovative new techniques designed to protect and grow family wealth across generations and through a range of economic climates. And it addresses both the “hard” issues of asset management and the critical “soft” issues of working with the real people in each family.

Family Wealth Management provides a solid, practical framework for investment management and long term family wealth preservation and is an important reference guide for family members and wealth managers around the world.