Family Engagement

At Northwood, we believe that the wealth of a family consists of far more than the dollar amount of their financial net worth. We help families develop a learning environment and the interpersonal skills to help avoid the risks associated with wealth, such as entitlement, conflict, poor succession planning, poor communication and lack of knowledge. We work with all generations of the family to help them develop all of their “family capital” which will encourage confidence, strong relationships and a successful future.
“Managing your family’s wealth involves much more than simply managing your portfolio”

Our Services

At Northwood, our job is not only to manage our client families' financial capital, but also to assist them in the development of their human, social and cultural capital. Some of the services we offer that help our families grow and thrive are listed below.

Facilitating multi-generational family meetings
Preparing the next generation for wealth inheritance
Helping define family goals and developing a plan to achieve them
Building a family philanthropic strategy
Drafting of family vision and mission statements
Making introductions between likeminded families where appropriate

What Is Family Capital?

Human Capital

A family’s human capital consists of the abilities and skills of each member of the family and how these abilities help them to be a contributing member of the family and society.

Cultural Capital

A family’s cultural capital consists of the stories, values, and priorities that are passed down within a family generation by generation.

Social Capital

A family’s social capital consists of the networks of social connections that each family has developed both individually and as a family.

Financial Capital

A family’s financial capital is the financial assets of the family (i.e., businesses, real estate, investments, alternative assets) less any financial liabilities they might have (i.e., loans, mortgages, philanthropic commitments).
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Over the past decade or more with Northwood, I have seen steady growth and protection against the downside.
Mr. T
Client since 2005
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I used to pore through broker reports every Saturday morning, but now I have the confidence of a high quality portfolio carefully selected and managed by Northwood.
Mr. K
Private Investor - Client since 2003
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I don’t have to worry about all the individual pieces since they are all taken care of. Everything is 100% up-to-date and very well organized.
Mr. & Mrs. S
Client since 2003

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