What Our Advisors Are Saying

"They are recognized in the industry as a prominent firm combining great expertise with great spirit and an enduring family focus."
A grandparent and child spending time at the beach.A grandparent and child spending time at the beach.
Jennifer East
Founder, ONIDA Family Advisors Inc.

Northwood stands out in the Canadian marketplace as real leaders in the family office field. They are committed, informed, compassionate and truly engaged with the client. Whether it’s advice about wealth management, family issues or legacy planning, Northwood’s team is able to identify the real needs of their clients and provide sage counsel. One of the things that stands out about Northwood is how quickly they become the ‘most trusted advisor’ of their clients.

Northwood is committed to ongoing education in the field. Rather than simply focusing on wealth management as many firms do, they engage in professional development in areas like philanthropy, family governance and communication. This not only enhances their skills as advisors to families, but also ensures their partnerships with external advisors are truly effective.

I have worked directly with Northwood on common client families and can enthusiastically refer them to anyone who is looking for security, confidence and inspired advice from a family office.

Jack Petch
Independent Director and Trustee, Retired Senior Lawyer at a National Law Firm.

I was introduced to Northwood Family Office in my capacity as an independent director and trustee while advising a shared client. Having now worked alongside Northwood for a number of years, what has strongly impressed me is their willingness to become involved in challenging situations with the goal of helping to resolve issues effectively and constructively. Northwood has been particularly patient and professional in demanding circumstances. Northwood’s relationship with both the family and trustees has evolved from being a pure business relationship to a personal one, with mutual trust and a commitment to the family’s long term success.

All families have challenges. Northwood has been be able to effectively balance the larger family goals with the needs of the individual family members.

As an independent trustee, Northwood has helped me to understand all of the component parts of the family’s affairs on an integrated basis, has kept all of our eyes clearly on the family’s goals, and has ensured that all the details required to make decisions are accessible and easy to understand.

Northwood is an excellent choice for families who are looking for someone to effectively manage their integrated financial affairs as well as provide guidance and counsel along the way. They are sincere and trustworthy and put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. I recommend them highly.

Dr. James Grubman
Founder, FamilyWealth Consulting.

Tom McCullough and the team at Northwood are an exceptional multifamily office in a landscape crowded with advisors of varying levels of capability. Since the MFO industry in Canada was in its early days, Northwood has had the vision to seek and implement truly integrated wealth management. They are recognized in the industry as a prominent firm combining great expertise with great spirit and an enduring family focus.

One aspect many people don’t know is how much Tom in particular is associated with fostering the Canadian family-office industry itself. He has helped host client forums, industry conferences, and advisor presentations that help disseminate leading-edge ideas for the benefit of families and advisors alike. His humor, generosity of spirit, intelligence, and warmth draw in others and build connections.

Tom McCullough and Scott Hayman have assembled a very capable team with a wide range of competencies and expertise. Clients searching for excellent advisory services with a truly personal touch should definitely seek out Northwood Family Office.